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Awesome Results

We can cater a customized solution for you by putting together a multi-discipline team for larger projects or assigning a specialized professional supported by every other area of expertise we have.

For example: with Zavi Solutions you will not be hiring a web designer that only designs pretty websites, you will hire a company that has the right designer to portray your unique offering in an efficient manner by being supported by other members of our company that are specialists in other areas, so your website will not only look pretty but will give you the results you are expecting and more.

Our Trade Secret

Early on and during our many years of experience in all aspects of business we have come to understand that the brightest professional does not have the capability of seeing all options nor the capacity of being expert in all areas.

Our Trade Secret is simple: a team of experienced, creative and specialized professionals working together towards an objective is always better than one professional working alone.

What we want from You

Is your business, a working longstanding and profitable relationship for you and us. We will not play games nor will we sell you anything you do not need, we will give you our best and honest effort every step of the way. We strive for excellence through our work and our ethics, and you will profit from this.

What Zavi can do for You

Business, Operational and IT Consulting / Integrated Marketing, Loyalty and Promotional Plans / Secret Shopper, Focus Groups and Market Research / Commercial Websites, SEO and GUI Optimization / Internet Marketing, Advertising and Email Campaigns / Application and Database Development and Deployment / Software Installation and Customization / Computer Hardware Configuration and Networking / Business Complementation Services / Design and Printing Services / Print, TV and Radio Ad Production and Placement / Aerial, Underwater and Land Photography and Video