Marketing Consulting

With over 24 years' experience our marketing consulting services are catered to small and medium businesses. Our techniques have been developed through constant research and testing of ideas and theories and maintained up to date on all technologies and socio demographic changes. This allows us to offer the best solutions drawing from our experience, current trends and innovative ideas.

Each client has different needs and goals and preparing the right solution for each one of our clients is both exiting and rewarding for us, we take pride in helping our clients achieve and surpass their objectives.

In other words your success makes us happy.

Since our services are both lengthy and customized, we only list a few here, please contact us for information on how we can help you with an individualized solution.

Marketing Plans

It is necessary to have a sound Marketing Plan if you are serious about reaching your organizational sales and financial objectives. A Marketing Plan will provide you with the steps you should follow in order to attain them, it is a road map that is based on research, socio demographics, sales projections, production, industry information, government laws, accounting and more. No small or medium sized business has the time or resources in both manpower and money to compile, analyze the data and produce a viable Marketing Plan. Our experience and know-how allows us to do so for you using the latest research and projection techniques available to produce a reliable Marketing Plan you can count on on your road to profits.

Market Research

In order to accurately predict your target market's behaviors and determine its reaction to your products or services, it is necessary to research and analyze it. The different multicultural markets in the U.S.A. and in other countries can be difficult to research for a small or medium business, we can obtain the information necessary through primary and secondary research and analyze it in order to produce a comprehensive report that will give your company the information necessary to make decisions about your offerings before committing resources to marketing and selling them.

Sales Strategies

Your Sales Strategies must be in accord with your Marketing Plans or at the very least with your company's philosophy and image: is it aggressive, B2B, female market, teen products? are you interested in producing forced sales with no interest in loyal customers, or are you highly dependent in return business? These and other considerations will determine your Sales Strategies. We can develop a strategy that not only stays true to your business ideals and practices but will increase your sales income guaranteeing the permanence of your company's image. We can also design and publish sales materials for your sales force in hard copy or on the internet, even to be accessed from mobile devices by your sales force and/or potential customers.

Promotional Plans

A Promotional Plan is a tactical plan to increase sales, number of customers and/or improve your image, normally during a specific short period such as the holidays or special events. Promotional Plans make use of coupons, discounts, sales and other devices in order to attract the potential customer to "buy to try" your products or services and then capture information about them in order to turn them in to return customers. Promotional Plans might not generate profit but must in all cases increase the customer base in order to be effective.

Loyalty Programs

Return customers are the lifeblood of your business. All marketing efforts should ultimately have this as objective, even over sales in order to have increased growth and increased sales. Loyalty Programs do that, they turn a customer in to a loyal customer when they appreciate your product, services and company to a point where they are so satisfied that they will not consider your competition even when your prices are higher or your locations are not too convenient. Loyalty is based on trust, and a trusting customer will always want to come back. Loyalty Programs are ongoing and take a great amount of resources for the small or medium business, they are dependent on several other services such as customer database management, copywriting, special promotions, service personalization and others. An effective Loyalty Program will guarantee happy customers for life.