Web Solutions

The Internet is the main marketing tool any company must use in order to viably exist. With an always increasing and changing number of venues and techniques, it is extremely difficult for a small or medium business to maintain a profitable web presence.

With extensive Internet experience and a pool of dozens of Internet professionals, Zavi Solutions can customize the right web solution for you.

We are experts in developing web strategies that will give you the best conversion rates and by using the most advanced software and programming languages we guarantee that your web projects will be compatible with most platforms.

By using Social Media sites and advanced SEO strategies we will get your message out there and convert your target audience into customers.

From website development to full internet based solutions we can create everything you need to successfully utilize the internet to reach your goals. Our expertise includes Social Networking, Web Marketing, SEO, Web Optimization, Web Management, Website Creation and Design, Web Application Development and Deployment, among many others.

Social Media and Networking

Social networks have proven that they are the ideal mechanism to promote a product, idea, person or company. It is also a valuable market research tool where you can learn about the perception your offering has among your target audience.

As such it is important to include a Social Media Plan in your internet and marketing plans, and as to any marketing venue, it must be managed in a effective and efficient manner in order to be of use.

We can develop your social media / marketing and promotional plan or strategy to reach your objectives while expanding your company's image and presence utilizing our expertise and innovative approaches.

SEO and Web Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

is the group of techniques aimed to improve your listing in search engines such as Google or Bing. Since a great percentage of people use online search engines as their primary means of locating information it is crucial that your company's listing appears the closest to the first listing as possible.

There are many techniques and strategies that can be used, but ultimately it is how these are used what will generate any amount of success.

Web Marketing

is the group of techniques that improve the effectiveness of your web presence, it differs from SEO in that Web Marketing is a vaster approach that includes SEO, Web Marketing techniques, e-mail campaigns, effective copywriting for the web, web based promotions, and utilizing other non-internet based techniques that increase web presence and hits, such as TV commercials inviting the audience to visit your website or facebook account.

Idealy, Web Marketing and SEO should be part of your marketing plan in order to be in accord with your other marketing and PR efforts. Zavi Solutions has the ability to do this because it has the right mix of professionals in both areas.

Website Development, Design and Deployment

For your website to give the results you expect a series of steps must be followed. Hiring a young inexpensive website designer will probably get you a nice looking site, but it will do close to nothing to improve your sales or reach your objectives.

Website Development

is the first step to figure out what you expect from your website and its relation to your other business and marketing efforts. From this and other sources of information your website can be developed, this means that the structure, back end components and other details are determined so that your nice looking web design has a purpose and works.

Website Design

is where the talents of well versed and experienced web designers come into play. A well designed website will appeal and entice your audience to acquire your products or services, this is supported by having an understanding of your target audience and using the appropriate design techniques to have your web visitors stay long enough to make a purchase or do whatever your intend them to do.

There is a socio-demographic and psychological approach to designing an effective website that most designers do not consider, from deciding what color palette to use to the appropriate position of every button, knowing what appeals to your audience is of extreme importance, and we are well versed in this.

Website Deployment

is the group of steps to follow once your website is ready. Many consider this to be the simple uploading of your website to your hosting account, but in reality it can be much more than that.

It includes but is not limited to: choosing the appropriate hosting service, setting up all backend applications, verifying the stability of the code used in designing your website, checking to see that all links are working ("broken" links are a huge "NO!, NO!"), setting up databases, soft launch management and fixing any technical issues that may hinder your SEO, Social Media and Web Marketing efforts, among other processes.